Sheet Metal

View inside of the Gowan/Garrett sheet metal services facilityThe Gowan/Garrett sheet metal services facility in Houston, Texas houses 60,000 square feet of the latest in state-of-the-art sheet metal technologies.

This facility handles all sheet metal materials, from stainless, galvanized, copper, and aluminum to black iron.

Our peak sheet metal performance produces an average of 30,000 pounds per day, during a single shift, for a normal mix of fittings and straight duct.

Some of the shop equipment that makes this possible are: two full coil lines with lining capability, two plasma arc cutting tables, cut-to-length turning vanes, (large and small double wall), "S", and drives.

Our draftsmen (sheet metal "detailers") take your contract drawings and convert them to accurate shop fabrication and field erection drawings utilizing the QuickPen® CAD and Vulcan software systems, combining the engineer's intent with our shop standards.

With competitive sheet metal pricing and sheet metal services that include copper sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal, and more, Gowan/Garrett will meet each one of your needs in a prompt, professional manner.