Southern Union Gas

Within a 21-story building that earned LEED Silver certification, we provided an HVAC building control system and plumbing upgrades.

Close up view of HVAC technician installing HVAC piping

Value Delivered

To help save this client time and money during this project, we collaborated with the building team to leave most of the existing ceiling systems in place during our mechanical reconstruction.

The modern plumbing system we installed helps deliver optimal water and waste handling. We also enhanced their building systems control with convenient remote monitoring.

The upgrades we accomplished helped this client lower their operating costs and increase energy efficiency, while improving occupant comfort and productivity. The building earned LEED Silver certification.

Client Objectives

The client needed to retrofit their building with modern plumbing and HVAC systems.


Because or our large-project resources, leading-edge systems expertise, and the ability to work on a flexible schedule, the client chose us to provide:

  • Terminal boxes
  • Fan coil units
  • Air devices
  • Piping
  • Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant plumbing upgrades
  • An enhanced HVAC building control system
  • Approximately 75,000 pounds of new ductwork installed through an existing ceiling system

Client Background

Southern Union provides natural gas services, offering miles of pipelines, gathering, transmission, treating, processing, and distribution of natural gas.