Robby Smith

BIM/VDC Director

Value Delivered

Robby is responsible for ensuring that his team helps provide high-quality preplanning, prefabrication, building information modeling (BIM), and virtual design construction (VDC) services, as well as just-in-time installation.

Robby leads our skilled detailers in their accurate and timely translation of engineering designs and architectural drawings into construction documents. This helps our project teams communicate and cooperate effectively.

In addition, Robby works closely with more than 25 EMCOR operating companies’ detailing departments, to ensure that Gowan/Garrett, Inc.’s drawings are interchangeable with those of our sister firms.

His efficient collaboration serves to further streamline project delivery, and his ability to direct and encourage exemplary output on schedule is a key factor in our successful project completion and consistent client satisfaction.


Robby began working for Gowan/Garrett, Inc. in 1997 as a Sheet Metal Apprentice. He managed the sheet metal activities on multiple projects before moving into the office to begin detailing in 2004.

Over the years, he has applied his expertise to many complex projects, including research laboratories, airports, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants.