Galveston National Laboratory

We installed HVAC and plumbing, gas lines, and an exhaust system for this biomedical research facility.

Exterior view of the Galveston Nation Laboratory building

Value Delivered

We helped reduce this project’s schedule by more than eight weeks by prefabricating all major assemblies. We also verified that the owner’s material handling equipment could be safely and effectively used, and modeled the critical equipment floor to help ensure ease of access.

Client Objectives

The client needed complete HVAC installation within a new national biocontainment laboratory.


We delivered comprehensive mechanical solutions for office spaces and biosafety level 3 and 4+ laboratories. Installation included:

  • Airside and waterside equipment
  • HVAC and plumbing components
  • Medical gas lines
  • Isolation suit support systems
  • Contaminant exhaust system
  • Incineration equipment

Client Background

The Galveston National Laboratory provides research capabilities for developing therapies, vaccines, and diagnostic tests for naturally-occurring emerging disease, as well as substances used by terrorists.